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September 4, 2012

Event Calendar for September

Sept. 2, Kyoto: Hassaku Festival at Matsunoo Shrine 
Prayer for a good harvest. Nenbutsu dance at 16:00.
Kyoto City Bus 28 to Matsuo Taisha; or Matsuo St on the Hankyu Arashiyama line.

Sept. 9, nationwide: Choyo no Sekku
Chrysanthemum festival. 

Sept. 9, Kyoto: Karasu Sumo Wrestling and Choyo Ceremony at Kamigamo Shrine 
Shrine priests imitate the voice of crows and their manner of jumping, after which local children compete in the shrine's annual Karasu Sumo wrestling event for the entertainment of the Kami (from 10:00). 
Kyoto City Bus 4 or 46 to Kamigamo-jinja-mae

Sept. 15-17, Kyoto: Seiryu-e Festival of Kiyomizu Temple
Rite of the Blue Dragon who is a reincarnation of the temple’s main statue, Kannon, and comes to drink every night at the Otowa no taki waterfall in the temple precincts. A large dragon (made washi paper) is carried around, while monks blow horagai horns (from 14:00).  
Kyoto City Bus 206 to Kiyomizu-michi

Sept. 14-16, Kamakura: Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Matsuri
Festival of Kamakura's major shrine. Yabusame (archery on horseback) on Sept. 16.
10 min walk from JR Kamakura St

Sept. 15-16, Kishiwada (Osaka): Danjiri Matsuri
Danjiri festival of Kishiwada, south of Osaka. Fight between large floats crashing into each other, while young men waving fans balance themselves on the roofs of the floats.
30 min south from Namba St (Osaka) on the Nankai line.

Sept. 15-16, Tokyo: Annual Festival of the Nezu Shrine
Chiyoda Subway to Nezu St. or Sendagi St.

Sept. 18, Kamakura: Menkake Gyoretsu, Goryo Shrine
Procession of people wearing grotesque masks from the Goryo Shrine to Gokurakuji Temple (from 13:30). Based on a legend that Yoritomo had affair with outcast girl whom he visited accompanied by masked men to hide his identity. The masks are antique pieces from the mid 18th c.
5 min by the Enoden Line from Kamakura St. to Hase St., then walk 3 min

Sept. 21-22, Kyoto: Annual festival of the Seimei Shrine
Mikoshi parade from 13:00 on the 22nd.
20 min. by bus 9 from Kyoto St. to Ichijo-Modoribashi Seimei Jinja-mae Bus Stop

Sept. 23, nationwide: Autumnal Equinox Day
Higan, visiting the family graves.

Sept. 24, Kyoto: Comb Festival at Yasui Konpiragu Shrine
Offering of thanks to women's combs and hair ornaments (from 13:00). Procession of women with various historical hairstyles. 
Kyoto City Bus 206 to Higashiyama Yasui.

Sept. 28-30, Kyoto: Kangetsu no Yube, Daikakuji
Moonviewing party (from 17:00-). Dragon boats sail on Osawa Pond as in Heian times for this festival of the harvest moon.
One hour by City Bus 28 or Kyoto Bus 71, 74 or 81 from Kyoto St. to Daikaku-ji Bus Stop.

Sept. 30, Nara: Uneme Festival
Procession of Hanaguruma from JR Nara St to Sarusawa Pond from 17:00. Boats and gagaku on Sarusawa Pond from 19:00-19:30. 
5 min. from Kintetsu Nara St.; 10 min. from JR Nara St.