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May 20, 2012

Atsumi Kiyoshi (Actor, "Tora-san")

Atsumi Kiyoshi (1928-1996; 渥美清; real name: Tadokoro Yasuo) was a Japanese film actor famous for his impersonation of "Tora-san." Atsumi was born in Tokyo and made his TV debut in 1956. A year later he also appeared on the big screen. His first success came in the comic film “Dear Mr. Emperor” (Haikei Tenno Heika-sama, 1963) in which he played a lovable, innocent character.

Although Atsumi played in various films (I was pleasantly surprised to see him in the period film Kutsukake Tokijiro), he only became a real star with his main role in the Tora-san films ("Otoko wa tsurai yo"), a super-long series, even for Japan (48 installments!), which ran from 1969 to 1995. In fact, Atsumi became synonymous with the Tora-san character, and he stopped playing in other films, concentrating on a role which increasingly seemed part of himself. After his death at age 68, the series was discontinued, Tora-san died with Atsumi Kiyoshi. The Tora-san character was jointly created by Atsumi Kiyoshi and the director / script writer of the series, Yamada Yoji. (Yamada Yoji directed all Tora-san films except the third and the fourth one).

As Tora-san, Atsumi Kiyoshi plays a tekiya, a yakuza-type who peddles junk at temple and shrine festivals. He travels around the country with his suitcase filled with cheap stuff, dressed in geta, a brown, checked jacket, a hat and a haramaki (a knitted stomach band). Although he is rather excitable (more so in the early films than in the later ones), he also has a big heart. He is yasashii (soft, friendly) and as the Japanese used to call it, "wet." He always wants to help others, but as he is a bad listener and too hasty, unfortunately he often makes the situation worse. In the course of the long series Tora-san became nothing less than a national hero.

All films follow the same pattern: Tora-san returns home to Shibamata, where he is warmly welcomed, especially by his half-sister Sakura (who functions as his surrogate mother), but inevitably he starts an argument or a quarrel. In a huff, he sets out for the Japanese countryside, where he meets a damsel in distress, helps her with whatever problem she has, and becomes infatuated with her. Tora-san in love is so shy that he is a sight to behold - he is unable to declare himself and only stutters. From the side of the "Madonna" usually there seems to be more sisterly affection than love, but Tora is blind to this. At this point usually follows another visit to Shibamata, with the girlfriend, so that the family can shake their heads at the lovelorn Tora-san. Bumbling along, he usually ends up uniting his girlfriend with another man (a husband from which she had run away, a boyfriend with whom she just had quarreled, etc). This is also partly out of kindness. And after that he sets out again on his travels to heal his broken heart.

From the 9th film, all films start with a dream sequence, in which Tora-san, while on his travels, dreams about his family in Shibamata. The dream is usually a fantasy (Tora-san as cowboy, gangster, pirate and so on), in which  a heroic Tora-san saves the life of his beloved sister Sakura.

Each film features a different actress as Tora-san's love interest (called a "Madonna") and also one or two different regions where this time his travels are centered. Usually, one film was released in the summer holidays, and one in the winter holidays, around New Year (although in the 1990s only one film a year was made).

Here is the basic dramatis personae:
  • Sakura, Tora-san's kind-hearted half-sister - always played by Baisho Chieko.
  • Suwa Hiroshi, Sakura's husband, played by Maeda Gin
  • Mitsuo, Sakura and Hiroshi's son, played by Yoshioka Hidetaka (27-48) and others
  • Tatsuzo, Tora-san's elderly uncle, and Tsune, Tora-san's elderly aunt. Tatsuzo and Tsune run a traditional sweets (dango) shop in the shopping street leading to the main gate of the well-known Taishakuten temple in Shibamata. Tatsuzo was played by Morikawa Shin (1-8), Matsumura Tatsuo (9-13) and Shimojo Masami (14-48); Tsune by Mizaki Chieko
  • Katsura Umetaro ("Tako Shacho"), the owner of the printing company next door, where Hiroshi works and who is treated as part of the family - played by Dazai Hisao.
  • Gozen-sama, the priest of Taishakuten, played by Ryu Chishu.
  • Genko, a helper in the temple, played by Sato Gajiro.
  • In a number of films between 1984 and 1987, Miho Jun plays Akemi, the grown-up daughter of Katsura Umetaro.
Here is a list of all films with their Madonnas and locations:
  1. Otoko wa tsurai yo / It's Tough Being a Man OR Tora-san, Our Lovable Tramp (1969)

    Synopsis: Torajiro, an itinerant peddler, returns home after many years' absence. He attends his sister's wedding, falls in love with the priest's daughter (who is engaged to another man), and causes overall embarrassment.

    Madonna: Mitsumoto Sachiko (Fuyuko, the daughter of the priest of Taishakuten).

    Guests: Shimura Takashi.

    Location: Shibamata, Nara, Amanohashidate

    Review: "A-class." One of the best of the series, fresh and lively. DVD Talk; Molodezhnaja (G); Official Torasan site (JP).

  2. Zoku Otoko wa tsurai yo / Tora-san's Cherished Mother (1969)

    Synopsis: Tora-san meets his real mother in Kyoto. Back in Tokyo, he visits his old English teacher, where he falls in love with the daughter.

    Madonna:  Sato Orie (Natsuko, daughter of  Tora's old teacher).

    Guests: Tono Eijiro, Yamazaki Tsutomu, Miyako Chocho

    Location: Kyoto, Tsuge in Mie

    Reviews:  "B-class." DVD TalkMolodezhnaja (G); Official Torasan Site (JP).

  3. Futen no Tora / Tora-san,  His Tender Love  (1970)

    Synopsis: Tora san discovers that his family is arranging a marriage for him. He leaves for the countryside where he falls in love with the owner of an inn - who without his knowing it is already in a secret romance. Helmed by Morisaki Azuma.

    Madonna: Aratama Michiyo (Oshizu, the Kami-san (owner) of a ryokan).

    Location: Yunoyama Onsen in Mie.

    Reviews:  "B-class." DVD TalkMolodezhnaja (G); Official Torasan Site(JP).

  4. Shin otoko wa tsurai yo / Tora-san's Grand Scheme (1970)

    Synopsis: Tora wins at the races and wants to arrange a trip to Hawaii for his aunt and uncle, but the travel agent absconds with the money. Tora falls in love with a teacher renting a room in his uncle's house.  Helmed by Kobayashi Shunichi.

    Madonna: Kurihara Komaki (Haruko, a kindergarten teacher).

    Location: Yufuin in Oita.

    Reviews:  "C-class." DVD TalkMolodezhnaja (G); Official Torasan site (JP). 

  5. Bokyohen / Tora-san's Runaway (1970)

    Synopsis: Tora-san tries to bring an old friend, who is lying on his deathbed in Sapporo, together with his son. When he works in a tofu shop, he falls in love with the daughter of the owner.

    Madonna: Nagayama Aiko (Setsuko, the daughter of the owner of a tofu-shop).

    Location: Urayasu, Sapporo & Otaru

    Reviews:  "C-class." Watch the steamlocs! Molodezhnaja (G); Official Torasan Site (JP). 

  6. Junjohen / Torasan's Shattered Romance (1971)

    Synopsis: When Tora-san returns to Shibamata, he finds a relative of Aunt Tsune at home, who has run away from her husband. Of course, he falls in love...

    Madonna: Wakao Ayako (Yuko, the wife of a writer).

    Guest: Morishige Hisaya.

    Location: Fukuejima in Nagasaki (Gotoretto), Hamanoko in Shizuoka

    Reviews:  "B-class." Molodezhnaja (G); Official Torasan site (JP).

  7. Funtohen / Tora-san, the Good Samaritan (1971)

    Synopsis: Tora-san again meets his mother and is told to marry as she wants to have grandchildren. He meets Hanako, a young woman who seems a bit slow like himself...

    Madonna:  Sakakibara Rumi (Hanako, former factory girl)

    Guests: Miyako Chocho, Tanaka Kunie

    Location:  Echigo Hirose in Niigata, Numazu in Shizuoka, Ajigasawa & Hirosaki in Aomori

    Reviews:  "B-class." Molodezhnaja (G); Official Torasan Site (JP).

  8. Torajiro Koi-uta / Tora-san's Love Call (1971)

    Synopsis: Tora-san falls in love with a beautiful widow, but sets out on a trip again without confessing his feelings towards her.

    Madonna:  Ikeuchi Junko (Takako, the owner of a coffee shop)

    Guest: Shimura Takashi

    Location: Takahashi in Okayama

    Reviews:  "B-class." Molodezhnaja (G); Official Torasan Site (JP).

  9. Shibamata Bojo / Tora-san's Dear Old Home (1972)

    Synopsis: When traveling in Fukui, Tora-san meets three women. One of them follows him to Shibamata, and he believes she has fallen in love with him, although she hopes to marry a potter in the countryside. The first Tora-san film to employ an opening dream-sequence, which became a standard feature. Also the first film in the series with Matsumura Tatsuo as Tora-san's uncle, after the death of Morikawa Shin.

    Madonna: Yoshinaga Sayuri (Utako, the daughter of a novelist)

    Location: Kanazawa, Fukui.

    Reviews:  "A-class." DVD TalkMolodezhnaja (G); Official Torasan Site (JP).

  10. Torajiro Yume-makura / Tora-san's Dream-Come-True (1972)

    Synopsis: Tora-san competes with an arrogant professor for the affection of Chiyo, but both loose...

    Madonna:  Yachigusa Kaoru (Chiyo, owner of a beauty salon).

    Guest: Tanaka Kinuyo.

    Location: Narai in Nagano

    Reviews:  "C-class." DVD TalkMolodezhnaja (G); Official Torasan Site (JP).

  11. Torajiro wasurenakusa / Tora-san's Forget Me Not

    Synopsis: Tora-san meets the singer Lily, a wanderer like himself. He gets ill when working on a farm and recuperates with his family in Shibamata. Then Lily appears and steals the hearts of the whole family...

    Madonna:  Asaoka Ruriko (Lily, a singer).

    Location: Abashiri in Hokkaido

    Reviews:   "B-class." Molodezhnaja (G); Official Torasan Site  (JP).

  12. Watashi no Torasan / Tora-san Loves an Artist (1973)

    Synopsis: Tora meets an old school friend, who takes him to his sister's house. Tora falls in love with her, but the sister is an artist who is married to her art.

    Madonna:  Kishi Keiko (Ritsuko, an artist)

    Guest: Tsugawa Masahiko

    Location: Amagusa and Aso in Kumamoto,  Beppu in Oita

    Reviews:   "B-class." DVD-TalkMolodezhnaja (G); Official Torasan Site (JP).

  13. Torajiro koi-yatsure / Tora-san's Lovesick (1974)

    Synopsis: Tora-san again meets Utako, whose husband has died. He persuades her to come to Tokyo, where she decides to devote her life to mentally handicapped children instead of marrying him.

    Madonna:  Yoshinaga Sayuri (Utako, the daughter of a novelist - 2nd appearance)

    Location: Tsuwano and Yunotsu Onsen in Shimane

    Reviews:  "B-class." DVD-Talk; Molodezhnaja (G); Official Torasan Site (JP).

  14. Torajiro Komamori uta / Tora-san's Lullaby (1974)

    Synopsis: A troubled father leaves his baby with Tora-san, who takes the child to his family. They think Tora-san is the father...

    Madonna:  Toake Yukiyo (Kyoko, a nurse)

    Location: Karatsu in Saga, Isonebe Onsen in Gunma

    Reviews:  "B-class." DVD-TalkMolodezhnaja (G);  Official Torasan Site  (JP).   

  15. Torajiro Aiaigasa / Tora-san's Rise and Fall (1975)

    Synopsis: Tora-san takes home Lily, an old girlfriend. His family tries to arrange a marriage between them, but of course there are the usual misunderstandings hampering success.

    Madonna:  Asaoka Ruriko (Lily, a singer - second appearance)

    Guest: Funakoshi Eiji

    Location: Aomori, Hakodate, Oshamanbe

    Reviews:  "C-class." Molodezhnaja (G);  Official Torasan Site  (JP).

  16. Katsushika Risshihen / Tora-san, the Intellectual (1975)

    Synopsis: Tora-san falls in love with a beautiful archaeology student staying with his family and takes up intellectual pursuits to impress her.

    Madonna:  Kashiyama Fumie (Reiko, a graduate student of archaeology)

    Location: Sagae in Yamagata

    Reviews:  "B-class." Molodezhnaja (G); Official Torasan Site  (JP).   

  17. Torajiro yuyake koyake / Tora-san's Sunrise and Sunset (1976)

    Synopsis: Tora-san meets a supposedly homeless old man and in recompense for the help he provides, he receives a drawing in recompense. It later appears that this man is a famous artist.

    Madonna:  Taichi Kiwako (Botan, a geisha)
    Guest: Uno Jukichi

    Location: Tatsuno in Hyogo

    Reviews: "B-class." DVD-Talk. Molodezhnaja (G);  Official Torasan Site  (JP).

  18. Torajiro junjoshishu / Tora-san's Pure Love (1976)

    Synopsis: Tora's infatuation with the teacher of Mitsuo causes trouble in the family. Later, he falls in love with the teacher's mother.

    Madonna:  Kyo Machiko (Yagyu Aya, the mother of Mitsuo's teacher)

    Guest: Dan Fumi

    Location: Bessho Onsen in Nagano, Muikamachi in Niigata

    Reviews:  "B-class." DVD-TalkMolodezhnaja (G);  Official Torasan Site  (JP).

  19. Torajiro  to tonosama / Tora-san Meets His Lordship (1977)

    Synopsis: In Shikoku, Tora-san meets the descendant of the local daimyo (feudal lord). "His lordship" asks Tora to find the widow of his son, who now lives in Tokyo and is alienated from him.  

    Madonna:  Maya Kyoko (the lordship's daughter in law)

    Guests: Arashi Kanjuro, Miki Norihei

    Location: Ozu in Ehime

    Reviews:   "B-class." DVD-Talk. Molodezhnaja (G);  Official Torasan Site  (JP).

  20. Torajiro  ganbare! / Tora-san Plays Cupid (1977)

    Synopsis: Tora-san plays matchmaker, with disastrous results. 

    Madonna:  Fukimura Shiho (Fujiko, the sister of an electrician)

    Location: Hirado

    Reviews:  "B-class." DVD-Talk. Molodezhnaja (G);  Official Torasan Site  (JP).

  21. Torajiro  wagamichi wo yuku / Stage-struck Tora-san (1978)

    Synopsis: Tora-san and his friend Tomekichi run up a large bill in a ryokan in Nagasaki. Back in Tokyo, Tora-san falls in love with Nanako, a review dancer, and old school friend of Sakura.

    Madonna: Kinomi Nana (Nanako, a review dancer)

    Guest: Takeda Tetsuya

    Location: Tanohara Onsen in Kumamoto

    Review:  "C-class." DVD-TalkMolodezhnaja (G);  Official Torasan Site  (JP).

  22. Uwasa no Torajiro  / Talk of the Town Tora-san (1978)

    Synopsis: Traveling, Tora meets the father of Hitoshi who pays for a hotel room with geisha service, but also imparts some wisdom. In Tokyo, Tora-san helps Sanae, a divorced woman working in the family shop.

    Madonna: Ohara Reiko (Sanae, divorced woman)

    Guest: Murota Hideo, Izumi Pinko, Shimura Takashi

    Location: Kiso in Nagano, the Oi River in Shizuoka

    Review:    "B-class." Molodezhnaja (G);  Official Torasan Site  (JP).

  23. Tondeiru Torajiro  / Tora-san the Matchmaker (1979)

    Synopsis: Tora quarrels with his family because Mitsuo, the son of Sakura, has written negatively about him in a school composition. On his travels, he saves Hitomi from an attacker. She follows him to Shibamata - in her bridal clothes as she has run away from her marriage ceremony. Her mother and intended husband soon follow her.

    Madonna: Momoi Kaori (Hitomi, a run-away bride)

    Guest: Yuhara Masayuki

    Location: Shikotsuko in Hokkaido

    Review:    "C-class." DVD-Talk; Molodezhnaja (G);  Official Torasan Site  (JP).

  24. Torajiro  haru no yume / Tora-san's Dream of Spring (1979)

    Synopsis: When Tora-san returns home, he finds an American living in his room. Various intercultural misunderstanding ensue, especially since neither speaks the language of the other. Keiko, Mitsuo's English teacher helps out...

    Madonna: Kagawa Kyoko (Keiko, Mitsuo's English teacher)

    Guest: Herb Edelman

    Location: Wakayama

    Review:   "B-class." DVD-TalkMolodezhnaja (G);  Official Torasan Site  (JP).

  25. Torajiro  haibisukasu no hana / Tora-san's Tropical fever (1980)

    Synopsis: Lily (the lounge singer from No. 11 and 15) sends Tora-san a letter that she is terminally ill. Tora-san rushes to Okinawa to nurse her to health. A problem is that he is afraid of flying...

    Madonna: Asaoka Ruriko (Lily, a singer - 3rd appearance)

    Guest: Eto Jun

    Location: Okinawa, Karuizawa

    Review:    "A-class." DVD-TalkMolodezhnaja (G);  Official Torasan Site  (JP).

  26. Torajiro  kamome uta / Foster daddy, Tora! (1980)

    Synopsis: Tora-san decides to take care of the teenage daughter of a friend who has died. She can't even read or write so he put her to school, but then her boyfriend arrives...

    Madonna: Ito Ran (Sumire, a dropout from school)

    Guest: Matsumura Tatsuo

    Location: Esashi and Okushiri in Hokkaido, Tokushima

    Review:   "B-class."   DVD-TalkMolodezhnaja (G);  Official Torasan Site  (JP).

  27. Naniwa no koi no Torajiro  / Tora-san's Love in Osaka (1981)

    Synopsis: "Tako" disappears and Tora-san worries he has committed suicide, When he returns drunk, Tora quarrels with him. Later, Tora-san falls in love with a geisha from Osaka.  and encourages her to seek out her estranged brother. 

    Madonna: Matsuzaka Keiko (Fumi, a geisha from Osaka)

    Guest: Ashiya Gannosuke

    Location: Osaka, Tsushima

    Review:   "B-class."   DVD-TalkMolodezhnaja (G);  Official Torasan Site  (JP).

  28. Torajiro  kamifusen / Tora-san's Promise (1981)

    Synopsis: Tora-san gets drunk at an elementary class reunion. In Kyushu he meets an outspoken girl who follows him around, but an old friend and colleague tekiya makes him promise to marry his widow, Mitsue.

    Madonna: Otonashi Mikiko (Mitsue, the widow of another tekiya)

    Guest: Kishimoto Kayoko

    Location: Yoake in Oita, Akitsuki in Fukuoka, Yaizu in Shizuoka

    Review:   "B-class."   DVD-TalkMolodezhnaja (G);  Official Torasan Site  (JP).

  29. Torajiro ajisai no koi / Hearts and Flowers for Tora-san (1982)

    Synopsis: In Kyoto Tora-san gets drunk in the company of an elderly gentleman, who later is revealed as being a famous ceramist, a Living National Treasure. The maid of the artist, Agari, apparently falls in love with Tora-san.

    Madonna: Ishida Ayumi (Agari, a maid)

    Guest: Kataoka Nisaemon

    Location: Nagano, Kyoto, Tango, Hikone

    Review:   "B-class."   DVD-TalkOfficial Torasan Site  (JP).

  30. Hana mo arashi mo Torajiro / Tora-san, the Expert (1982)

    Synopsis: Tora-san quarrels with his family at dinner about the matsutake mushrooms Gozensame has kindly given them. Kicked out of the house by his uncle, he goes to Kyushu where he meets a young couple, Keiko and Saburo. Hs matchmaking efforts initially misfire...

    Madonna: Tanaka Yuko (Keiko)

    Guest: Sawada Kenji, Asaoka Yukiji

    Location: Yunohira Onsen and Beppu in Oita.

    Review:   "B-class."   DVD-TalkMolodezhnaja (G);  Official Torasan Site  (JP).

  31. Tabi to onna to Torajiro / Tora's Song of Love (1983)

    Synopsis: Tora-san appearance at Mitsuo's school party becomes a disaster, as expected. On the way to Sado island in Niigata Tora next meets a mysterious woman, who is a famous enka-singer who has run away from her manager.

    Madonna: Miyako Harumi (Kyo Harumi, an enka singer)

    Guest: Fujioka Takuya

    Location: Niigata, Sado, Hokkaido

    Review:   "B-class."   DVD-TalkMolodezhnaja (G); Official Torasan Site  (JP).

  32. Kuchibue wo fuku Torajiro / Tora Goes religious? (1983)

    Synopsis: Tora visits the temple in Okayama where the grave of his father-in-law is. The next day he has to impersonate the priest who is too drunk to perform his duties. He also falls in love with the daughter of the priest, but then his family arrives for a memorial service and quarrels about the inheritance.

    Madonna: Takeshita Keiko (Keiko, an employee in a travel agency)

    Guest: Matsumura Tatsuo, Nakai Kiichi, Sugata Kaoru

    Location: Takahashi and Innoshima in Okayama

    Review:    "A-class."  DVD-TalkMolodezhnaja (G);  Official Torasan Site  (JP).

  33. Yogiri ni musebu Torajiro  / Marriage Counselor Tora-san (1984)

    Synopsis: In Shibamata, preparations are made for the marriage of Tako's daugther. Tora, in Iwate, meets a lady barber who wants to join him as tekiya, but who next gets into an abusive relationship with a biker. Darker film, in which the stability of home life is contrasted with Tora-san's wandering and insecure existence.

    Madonna: Nakahara Rie (Fuko, a hairdresser)

    Guest: Watase Tsunehiko, Sato Bisaku, Akino Taisaku

    Location: Kitakami and Morioka in Iwate, Nemuro, Kushiro, Sapporo and Hakodate on Hokkaido

    Review:    "B-class."  DVD-TalkMolodezhnaja (G);  Official Torasan Site  (JP).

  34. Torajiro shinjitsu hitosuji / Tora-san's Forbidden Love (1984)

    Synopsis: Tora-san happens to come across a section-chief of a company and has hard drinking session with him. When the man disappears due to the pressure of his busy job, the beautiful wife asks Tora to help her look for him. Of course Tora has already fallen in love with her...

    Madonna:  Ohara Reiko (Fujiko, the wife of a missing salaryman - 2nd appearance) 

    Guest: Yonekura Masakane, Kazami Akiko, Tsushima Keiko, Tatsumi Ryutaro

    Location:  Ushiku in Ibaraki, Kagoshima 

    Review:    "B-class."  Molodezhnaja (G); Torasan (JP).

  35. Torajiro renaijuku / Tora-san, the Go-Between (1985)

    Synopsis: In Nagasaki, Tora-san helps an old woman who is wounded in a fall. When she dies, he meets her granddaughter and falls in love, but in the end has to act as go-between for her with a law student.

    Madonna: Higuchi Kanako (Egami Wakana, the granddaughter of a lady from Nagasaki)

    Guest: Hirata Mitsuru, Hatsui Kotoe

    Location: Amakusa in Kumamoto, Gotoretto in Nagasaki and Kazuno in Akita

    Review:    "B-class."  DVD-TalkMolodezhnaja (G);  Official Torasan Site  (JP).

  36. Shibamata yori ai wo komete / Tora-san's Island Encounter (1985)

    Synopsis: Akemi, the married daughter of Tako-Shacho, has run away because her husband neglects her. Tora-san follows her to Shikinejima Island, where he falls in love with a junior high school teacher leading a school excursion.

    Madonna: Kurihara Komaki (Machiko, a junior high school teacher - 2nd appearence)

    Guest: Kawatano Takuzo

    Location: Aizu in Fukushima, Shimoda, Shikinejima and Hamanako in Shizuoka, 

    Review:    "A-class."  DVD-TalkMolodezhnaja (G); Official Torasan Site  (JP).

  37. Kofuku no aoi tori / Tora-san's Bluebird Fantasy (1986)

    Synopsis: In Kyushu, in an area where the coal mines have been closed, Tora-san helps the daughter of an old friend who has just died. She follows him to Shibamata but falls in love with an apiring artist. 

    Madonna: Shihomi Etsuko (Miho, the daughter of a Kabuki actor)

    Guest: Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi, Sakurai Zenri

    Location: Hagi and Shimonoseki in Yamaguchi, Iizuka in Fukuoka and Lake Ashinoko

    Review:    "B-class."   DVD-TalkMolodezhnaja (G); Official Torasan Site  (JP).

  38. Shiretoko Bojo / Tora-san Goes North (1987)

    Synopsis: Tora-san helps in the family shop in Shibamata, but gets everything wrong. In Hokkaido he meets a veterinarian who is estranged from his daughter since she married in Tokyo. Again a beautiful task for Tora-san.

    Madonna: Takeshita Keiko (Rinko, the daughter of a veterinarian - 2nd appearance)

    Guest: Mifune Toshiro, Awaji Keiko

    Location:  Sapporo, Kawayu Onsen and Shiretoko in Hokkaido; Nagara in Gifu.

    Review:   "B-class."  DVD-Talk. Molodezhnaja (G);  Official Torasan Site  (JP).

  39. Torajiro monogatari / Tora-san Plays Daddy (1987)

    Synopsis: A boy whose dead father was Tora's friend arrives in Shibamata. Tora-san decides to take him along and look for his mother. When the boy gets ill in southern Nara prefecture, a young woman helps out.

    Madonna: Akiyoshi Kumiko (Takai Takako)

    Guest: Satsuki Midori, Kochi Momoko

    Location: Osaka, Wakayama, Yoshino, Iseshima, Futamigaura

    Review:    "B-class."  Molodezhnaja (G);  Official Torasan Site  (JP).

  40. Torajiro sarada kinenbi / Tora-san's Salad-Day Memorial (1988)

    Synopsis: In Komoro, Tora-san helps an elderly woman and through her, meets a female doctor. They develop tender feelings and soon the doctor arrives with her daughter in Shibamata.

    Madonna: Mita Yoshiko (Machiko, a doctor)

    Guest: Mita Yuki, Omi Toshinori, Suzuki Mitsue

    Location: Komoro and Matsumoto in Nagano, Shimabara in Nagasaki

    Review:   "A-class."   Molodezhnaja (G);  Official Torasan Site  (JP).

  41. Torajiro kokoro no tabiji / Tora-san Goes to Vienna (1989)

    Synopsis: On his travels, Tora-san helps a man who wanted to commit suicide and gives him new energy to live. Out of gratitude, the man invites Tora to come with him on a trip to Vienna, but Tora-san soon feels homesick.

    Madonna: Takeshita Keiko (Kumiko, a tour guide - 3rd appearance)

    Guest: Awaji Keiko, Emoto Akira

    Location: Matsuhima and Kurihara in Miyagi, Vienna

    Review:    "B-class."  Molodezhnaja (G); Official Torasan Site  (JP).

  42. Boku no ojisan / Tora-san, My Uncle (1989)

    Synopsis: Tora's nephew Mitsuo is troublesome, so Tora takes him out for a drink and both come home drunk. Mitsuo is in love with Izumi and travels to Kyushu to find her. There he unexpectedly also meets Tora-san again.

    Madonna: Goto Kumiko (Oikawa Izumi, Mitsuo's girlfriend)

    Guest: Dan Fumi, Natsuki Mari, Bito isao

    Location: Fukuroda in Ibaraki, Saga 

    Review:    "B-class."  Molodezhnaja (G);  Official Torasan Site  (JP).

  43. Torajiro no kyujitsu / Tora-san Takes a Vacation (1990)

    Synopsis: Continues the story of Mitsuo and Izumi. Izumi's father has disappeared and Tora-san teams up with Izumi's mother to travel to Kyushu to find him.

    Madonna:  Goto Kumiko (Oikawa Izumi, Mitsuo's girlfriend) 

    Guest: Natsuki Mari, Terao Akira, Miyazaki Yoshiko

    Location: Hita in Oita, Nagoya

    Review:   "C-class."   Molodezhnaja (G);  Official Torasan Site  (JP).

  44. Torajiro no kokuhaku / Tora-san Confesses (1991)

    Synopsis: Again continues the story of Mitsuo and Izumi. Izumi is living in the countryside and Mitsuo is lonely, but Tora-san manages to bring them together.

    Madonna:  Goto Kumiko (Oikawa Izumi, Mitsuo's girlfriend) 

    Guest: Yoshida Hideko, Natsuki Mari

    Location: Tottori, Hirukawamura in Gifu, Oku-Ena

    Review:    "C-class."  Molodezhnaja (G);  Official Torasan Site  (JP).

  45. Torajiro no seishun / Tora-san makes Excuses (1992)

    Synopsis: In Miyazaki Tora tries to win the heart of Choko, a hairdresser. Mitsuo's girlfriend Izumi helps him with advice. When Tora hurts his foot, also Mitsuo travels to Miyazaki.

    Madonna: Fubuki Jun (Choko, a hairdresser)

    Guest: Goto Kumiko

    Location: Hinan in Miyazaki, Gero Onsen in Gifu

    Review:    "B-class."  Molodezhnaja (G);  Official Torasan Site  (JP).

  46. Torajiro no endan / Tora-san's Matchmaker (1993)

    Synopsis: Mitsuo has trouble finding a job and works as fisherman on Kotojima, an island in the Inland Sea. The family asks Tora to bring him back home.

    Madonna: Matsuzaka Keiko (Sakaide Yoko)

    Location: Kotohira in Kagawa; Shiwaku islands in the Inland Sea

    Review:    "B-class."  Molodezhnaja (G);  Official Torasan Site  (JP).

  47. Haikei Torajiro-sama / Tora-san's Easy Advice (1994)

    Synopsis: Mitsuo has landed his first job as salesman for a shoe factory. Tora travels along Lake Biwa and helps a beautiful tourist.

    Madonna: Katase Rino (Miya Noriko, a photographer)

    Guest: Makise Rigo, Kobayashi sachiko

    Location: Joetsu in Niigata, Nagahama at Lake Biwa in Shiga, Unzen in Nagasaki

    Review:    "C-class."  Molodezhnaja (G);  Official Torasan Site  (JP).

  48. Torajiro beni no hana / Tora-san to the Rescue (1995)

    Synopsis: Mitsuo has problems with his girlfriend Izumi and ends up in a bar in Amami Oshima, which happens to be run by Tora's girlfriend Lily. Tora-san has been helping in Kobe after the earthquake, but then also turns up in Lily's bar. 

    Madonna: Asaoka Ruriko (Lily, the singer - 4th appearance)

    Guest: Goto Kumiko, Tanaka Kunie

    Location: Amami Oshima, Kobe, Tsuyama in Okayama

    Review:    "B-class."  Molodezhnaja (G); Official Torasan Site  (JP).