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April 25, 2011

Sanjo Ohashi, Great Third Street Bridge (Kyoto Guide)

Sanjo Ohashi, the Great Third Street Bridge, is the bridge over the River Kamo in Kyoto that formed the last (or first, depending on your point of view) stage of the Tokaido, the Eastern Highway between Edo and Kyoto. Its precise origins are unknown. The historical first reference to this bridge dates from 1590, when Hideyoshi ordered for it to be repaired.

The present concrete bridge dates from 1950. Typical for the bridge are the giboshi, the onion-shaped posts. The bridge is 74 meters long.

On the east side is the Keihan station with bus center, on the west side are the geisha district of Pontocho and the bar town of Kiyamachi. The banks of the river, especially on the west side, or popular for strolling or enjoying the coolness of the river.