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July 13, 2011

Sake Files: Amazake Stall

Amazake is not a type of sake, but rather a hot and sweet rice drink that contains no alcohol. It is the perfect refreshment for a cold day.

In this 100 year old picture you see a stall for amazake (and to the left one for ameyu, syrup with hot water). Two women are sitting on stools drinking the hot beverage. Although the cherry blossoms are out, it is probably still cold, and rain is threatening as they are carrying umbrellas.

A new way of drinking amazaku in summer is to refrigerate it.

[Uploaded to Flickr by Okinawa Soba]

This glass lantern-slide was published by T. Takago in Kobe, but the original image is attributed to K. Tamamura of Yokohama.