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August 15, 2011

Haiku Stones: Mimurotoji, Uji (Basho)

yellow roses
fragrance of Uji tea
coming from the drier

yamabuki ya | Uji no hoiro no | niou toki


Tea leaves give off a nice fragrance when they are being dried or roasted. Basho is in the tea producing area of Uji and while he looks at some yamabuki roses, the fresh smell of tea on the drier (hoiro) assails his nose. Such driers were used to dry the tea leaves after steaming them. You can sometimes still see them in action in front of traditional tea shops.

The haiku stone stands in the grounds of Mimurotoji Temple in Uji, one of the Kannon pilgrimage temples of the Kansai. There are many flowers in the gardens and park surrounding the temple, which stands in a deep valley. Mimurotoji is a 15 min walk from Mimuroto St on the Uji Keihan line.